Who is Sam?

Sam is CEO of The Performance Group, an investor/owner in The Performance Capital Group, and co-owner with his daughter Molly of The Institute for Business Owners. He is an author of many publications and numerous books of ownership, faith and the owner’s journey.

Wisdom with age

Sam has ridden the waves of Pre-Great Recession, The Great Recession and, now, the New Economy with his owners. He has scaled his work to give exponential leverage to his clients.

Our Secret Sauce

Cultivating the 7 components from business wealth creation one step at a time.

  • Wealth Creation

    Are you building wealth as a business owner-investor or supporting an income as big as the business can afford?

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  • Finding the Gaps

    Do you know where the performance gaps are in the business and the impact these rifts have on the value of the enterprise as an asset?

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  • Money Intelligence

    Do the leaders in your business have the financial acumen to connect decisions made with better cash flow, increased margins, and business success? Or, are you left wondering: “where did all the money go?”

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  • Team Alignment

    How do you align individuals to a team with healthy chemistry? Are you connecting each person to their highest and best value?

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  • Merit-Based Performance

    How do you combine behavioral metrics and economic incentives to focus employees and drive results?

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  • Disciplined Execution

    What systems are in place to protect the wealth of stakeholders by driving accountability, collaboration, and productivity while creating healthy returns?

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  • Unified Culture

    How is the rapid acceleration of change impacting our business and what must change for us to remain relevant?

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