All businesses are leaking in some way because humans make mistakes and organizations are imperfect!


Using a 15-minute online survey, you will gain a profile on your business: The Institute’s BAP (Business Asset Profile).

  • Did you realize every business can get boiled down to 10 critical factors?

    Identify where the business is hemorrhaging its Lifeblood based upon an analysis of these factors.


    Understanding of ownership’s perspective to the business asset and the realization of ownership’s highest and best value to the enterprise.

    Business Context

    Growth potential in the current marketplace.

    Human Capital

    Effective development and application of talent to achieve business objectives.

    Sales and Business Development

    Strength of the process for consistent development of new opportunities and conversion.


    Effectiveness, clarity and integration of overall strategy for reaching target audience.

    Customer/Client Service

    Quality of customer care and customer relationships.

    Production and Delivery

    Ability to meet customer/client needs and maintain healthy profit margins.

    Product/Service Innovation

    Consistent and systematized effort to anticiapte and adjust to a continuously changing marketplace.

    Strategic Partnerships

    Utilization of professional alliances to achieve business objectives.

    Financial Management

    Disciplined use of financial reporting systems to measure and maintain health.

The Business Asset Profile

Custom questions drawn from hundreds of applications over decades of analysis of businesses across almost every sector.

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