Who is a Kingdom Builder?

A Kingdom Builder is any business owner, entrepreneur or enterprise leader who is intentionally pursuing a personal relationship with God by following the principles, covenants and laws revealed in the Bible.

I believe God reveals to every one who seeks to understand him that:

His promises to us in the Scriptures are the secrets to success.

He can do immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine when we submit to Him as our King.

His ways are different than our ways.

The Holy Spirit is the power that reveals God truths and transforms owners and faithful leaders.

The Kingdom Builder Box

The Box is a treasure chest of favorite Scriptures and wise business insights built on a simple organizational system to make learning easy. There is room in the box to take a few notes, and even to add one or two more bundles of 40 cards. Its subtle features and attention to detail reflect our Kingdom Builder team’s love of the subject.

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