“So many years with TPG and Sam. He coached me through my ownership transition. He is a business builder. Investors like him cause his clients become more valuable.”
– Greg Crumpton, investor, advisor, and serial entrepreneur

“I call him ‘young man’ but he is old enough to be my dad. I love my time with Sam…slices of life. I don’t always want him working on my business; I want him working on me. Oh, I guess that is the same, sometimes. He is kinda intense. He cares deeply about the health of my business.”
– David Oakley, owner and NC Media and Journalism Hall of Fame Member

“Sam is on our board and he sits in the chair of chief advisor coach to my partner and me. He cares about our success as owners like he is one of us…and we treat him like that. And, I like him but he is no nonsense. That’s probably why I like him.”
– Kyle Groves, owner 

“Sam has a rapport with my leaders and my guys in the trenches. When we celebrate the year’s accomplishments, he gets real fired up. He knows the nuances of my business so when we make strategic moves, his perspective matters. He pushes me, but always in my interest as the investor and owner. He has eyes like a hawk on the moving parts– leaders, stores, operational units, acquisition partners. He is a valuable advisor to me.”
– John Phillips, owner